Targeted Facebook Ads
Oversized Postcards



Multi-channel Patient Reactivation Program

Bring your inactive patients back into your office with

the most sophisticated patient reactivation program in dentistry.

Reactivate Your Practice

Studies show it's far less expensive to reactive an inactive patient than it is to generate a new patient.  Bring back your inactive patients with our simple and effective three step system.

Targeted FACEBOOK Ads

Send your patients a friendly reminder that you miss them.  Did you know that 78% of smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up?  You want to be there with a gentle reminder that you miss them as a patient. 

Oversized Postcards  

Reach your inactive patients with an oversized  direct mail piece that's delivered flat and commands attention in the mailbox.  Each huge mailer is addressed directly to your inactive patient by name and it cannot be unseen. 

Personalized Emails

Staying in front of your patients is essential.  The Multi-channel Patient Reactivation Program combines personalized emails along with oversized mailers and facebook touch points to provide a comprehensive program that brings patients back.